Dear respected customers, and business partners,

We feel very honor to introduce our company and main products. We, SAMIL INDUSTRY CO.,LTD are manufacturer of a complete line of Level gauges, Sight glasses & Flow elements to use in the general industries Since SAMIL was established in 1979, we are a leading Level gauges, Sight glasses and Flow elements manufacturer and also serving to famous company such as Power generating, Gas transmission, Petroleum refining & chemical processing companies.

Especially, SAM L’s Magnetic type level gauge & Two color type level gauge for high pressure and temperature are highly regarded in petrochemical industry.

Our products has been approved and qualified by major transmission companies as well as Bechtel, John Brown, SWEC, Petronas and supplied to Korean major government plants such as Korea Electric Power Corporation.

SAMIL has dedicated to develop new and proprietary products improved for accuracy and operational safety as well as the Quality under ISO 9001.

Furthermore, SAMIL also can supply system packages such as metering & proving system, terminal automation system. Our motto is “to be a Specialist Group in Measurement + Analytical, Control Solution”.

Not only Korean major companies such as Samsung, GS, LG, Daelim and Hyundai but also JGC, CHIYODA, TOYO, TECHNIP, SAIPEM, Kuwait Oil company, Natural Gas company in India, Gas Processing plant in Malaysia are our famous Customers.

We trust that this brief company profile, in combination with the attached Certificates, Experience Records, Work shop facility, etc. will convince you that we are capable of meeting any of you industrial measurement equipment needs.

One of the main goals of our company is to improve customer satisfaction. In order to revitalize this performance, all of we will make a total commitment to provide better quality goods for your needs.

Sincerely Yours,

HONG, Soon-Mook / President


Merge Samil System Analytical Part
Acquirement of ASME STAMP "S"
2nd. Enlargement of a Factory.
Received the "Export Tower" on 48th Annual Trade Day achieving 10 Million
Participated in International Factory Automation System Show in Chang-Won, Korea
Participated in ADIPEC 2010, in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
Participated in ISA Brazil 2009.
Acquirement of KEPIC Class 1 Components Certificate.
Participate in ADIPEC 2008 Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
Published of SAMIL R & D Institute
1st. Enlargement of a Factory. Participated in HANNOVER Messe Exhibition in Germany.
Acquirement of ASME STAMP "U" & "PP"
Developed and Produced the Magnetic type level with LED Indicator successively.
Participated in ADIPEC 2006 Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
Began to develop the Magnetic type level gauge with LED Indicator.
Participated in ISA EXPO 2005 Chicago, U.S.A.
Participated in ISA Mexico Expo Control 2005.
Participated in MEOS 2005 Exhibition in Bahrain.
Participated in MICONEX 2004 Exhibition in China.
Participated in ICA 2004 in Malaysia.
Participated in "Measurement and Control Show 2003 in "Tokyo" in Japan.
Developed & Produced the Electrode Type Level Gauge, Successively [ SEL SERIES : Next Generation].
A Concerted Action with INTRA-Automation GmbH - Germany. [Technical Cooperation].
Acquisition of CE Mark Certification & Successful Renewal of ISO 9001.
Participation of INTERKAMA Exhibition in Germany.
Collaborated & Established Chemtrols Samil (I) Pvt. Ltd. in India.
Export promotion to Middle-East Asia [Sole Agent Relationship with Rezayt Trading Company]
Participation of CIA 99 Exhibition in Germany.
Developed & Produced the Electrode Type Level Gauge for High Pressure & Temperature
Export promotion to South-East Asia Countries [Thailand, Singapore & Taiwan, etc.]
Acquirement of ISO 9001. Registered as a qualified supplier at Korea Electric Corporation.
Designated as a promising manufacturer by the government agency, Korea Machinery, Meter and Petrochemical Test and Research Institute.
1] Pass of the Quality Test for Level Gauge by the government agency, Korea Machinery, Meter and Petrochemical Test and Research Institute. 2] Awarded a prize of Korea Science & Technology Minister.
Acquirement of the Certificate of Electrical Apparatus for Explosive Atmospheres for Level Switches & Transmitters from Korea Industrial Safety Corporation.
Movement into new factory premise, INCHEON, KOREA.
Registered as Member of Association of Foreign Trading Agents of Korea.
Re-established & Reorganized the company structure, changing corporate name to SAMIL INDUSTRY CO., LTD.
Began manufacturing Flow Elements.
Began exports of manufactures to abroad.
Installed the high pressure test equipment in the factory.
First Production of Bi-Color Type Level Gauge.
Fist Production of Sight Glasses.
Foundation of SAMIL INDUSTRY CO., LTD. ( First Production of Level Gauge for High Press Boiler.

Company Profile

Company SAMIL Industry Co., Ltd.
CEO Mr. HONG, Soon-Mook
Established Date Aug. 1. 1979
Annual turnover $32M (Year 2013), $30 M (Estimation of Year 2014)
Employees 126 Personnel
Factory 1 Factory (Land area) 8,000㎡, (Building area) 8,000㎡
2 Factory (Land area) 3,637㎡, (Building area) 3,150㎡
Utility Electric Power — 800 kW
Location Head Quarter & Incheon Factory1 310, Namdong-daero, Namdong-gu, Incheon 405-848, Republic of Korea
Incheon Factory2 678-16 / 17, Gojan-dong, Namdong-gu, Incheon 405-848, Republic of Korea
Contact Sales Div. (General Product) Tel. +82 32 819 9671 / Mail: samilind79@samilind.co.kr
MCS Div. (Metering & Proving System Package) Tel. +82 70 4648 3160 / Mail: mcs@samilind.co.kr
  • 1 Factory

  • 2 Factory






  • Certificate (SWAS)

  • Certificate (CEMS)





Supply Scope

Served Markets

SAMIL has unparalleled experience in designing and constructing diverse liquid and gas systems that meet the needs of its customers. Our engineers and project management staff are experts, many with decades of experience in the measurement industry, and offer complete support at every phase of the project’s development. Whether a project necessitates language translations, compliance with non-standard regional practices or project commissioning in remote locations, FMC’s project teams have the know-how to solve any measurement system challenge.

Crude Oil and Gas Production
  • Crude oil
    • – Wellhead
    • – Gas-oil separation
    • – Storage and transportation
  • Gas recovery
    • – Gas treatment
    • – Storage and transportation
  • Analytical package
Crude Oil and Gas Transportation
  • Onshore/offshore gas custody
  • transfer metering
  • Pipeline bidirectional measurements
  • Gas terminals and mixing stations
  • Compressor stations
  • City Gas facilities
  • FPSO
  • Pipeline
  • Gas transmission
  • Gas processing
  • Underground storage
  • Gas distribution
  • Analytical package
Petroleum Refining
  • Process control
  • Storage
  • Transfer to marketing terminal
  • Truck and railcar loading
  • Analytical package
Petroleum Marketing, Distribution
  • Loading, unloading and batching for trucks, railcars and ships
  • Blending capabilities and additive control
  • Aircraft fueling operations
  • Biofuels terminals
  • Analytical package
Power Generation Plant
  • Storage
  • Loading, unloading
  • Analytical package(SWAS, CEMS,AQMS)

Detail Work Scope

Liquid & Gas Metering System
  • Complete instrumentation packages
  • Flow meters
    • - PD Flow meter
    • - Turbine Flow meter
    • - Ultrasonic Flow meter
    • - Mass Flow meter
    • - Magnetic Flow meter
    • - Flow Nozzle
    • - Orifice Flange Union
  • Flow Computer
  • Meter Tube
  • Filtration and Conditioning
  • Pressure Regulation Station
  • Gas chromatographs
  • H2S analyzers
  • Hydrocarbon dew point analyzers
  • Moisture analyzers
  • Mercaptan analyzers
  • BS&W monitors
  • Densitometers
  • Viscometers
  • Strainers, Air Eliminators
  • Control & Block Valves
  • Samplers, Mixers
  • Valves and pumps
  • Supervisory control systems
  • Custom software
  • Analyzer Shelters
  • Control Rooms Panel
  • Flow Computer
Loading, Unloading & Blending System
  • Marine, truck and rail facilities
  • Loading Arm
  • Blending systems: biodiesel and ethanol
  • Additive systems
  • Weighing system
  • Safety and access equipment integration
  • Truck bottom loading equipment
Analytical System
  • Control/Analyzer/Sampling Panel
  • Analyzer
    • - pH Analyzer
    • - Specific Conductivity Analyzer
    • - Cation Conductivity Analyzer
    • - DO Analyzer
    • - Silica Analyzer
    • - Sodium Analyzer
    • - Oxygen Scavenger Analyzer
    • - Degassed Cation Conductivity
    • - Analyzer
    • - Hardness Analyzer
  • Manual Isolation Valve
  • Solenoid Valve
  • Pressure Reducing Valve
  • Sample Cooler
  • Sample Filter
  • Temperature Indicator
  • pressure Indicator
  • Cation Resin
  • Annunciator
  • Chiller
Gas Pressure Regulating Stations
  • Manual Double Block & Bleed Valve
  • Slam Shut Valve
  • Pressure Regulating Valve (Monitor, Active)
  • Pressure Gauge w/3-Way Mani. Valve
  • Temperature Gauge w/Thermo-well
  • Pressure Safety Valve (=Thermal Relief Valve)
  • Vent, Drain & Nozzle Valve for Regulating
Gas Filtration Stations
  • Gas Filter w/Diff. Pressure Transmitter
  • Manual Double Block & Bleed Valve
  • Pressure Gauge w/3-Way Mani. Valve
  • Temperature Gauge w/Thermo-well
  • Pressure Safety Valve (=Thermal Relief Valve)
  • Vent, Drain & Nozzle Valve for Filtering
Proving System
  • Pipe Prover
    • - Conventional Bi-directional
    • - Pipe Prover
    • - Straight run Pipe Prover
    • - Detector Switch
  • Compact Prover
  • Tank Prover
    • - Skid pre-packaged
    • - Trailer mounted Portable
General Products
  • Orifice
  • Flow Nozzle
  • Venturi Tube
  • Cone Type Flow meter
  • Taper Seg Flow meter
  • Averaging Pitot Tube
  • Level Gauges
    • - Reflex Type
    • - Transparent Type
    • - Magnetic Float Type
    • - Electrode Type
  • Sight Glasses
  • Measurement Accessories
    • Flow Tube
    • Flow Conditioner
    • Flow Straightener
    • Strainers, Filters
    • Air Eliminators
Auto Sampling System
  • Sample Take-off Probe
  • Static mixer
  • Sampling Cabinet
  • Probe Sampler
  • Level transmitter
  • Densitometer
  • Water Cut Metter
  • Pump
  • Sample receiver
  • Laboratory Mixing Skid
Analytical Solution
  • Sample Conditioning System
  • Sampling/Analyzer/Contol Panel
  • Analyzer House
  • Cabinet&Local Rack
  • Sample Conditioning System
  • Analyzer & Data Logger System
  • Probe & Sample line
  • Analyzer System Integration


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Gulf Commercial Agency
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Rezayat Trading Co., Ltd.
Kuwait Rezayat Trading Co., Ltd.
Qatar Haffar Petroleum Service Co. WLL Bahrain Manarah World Trading Est
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